Making a sheet unfolding

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Sheet metal flat pattern (sheet unfolding)

A sheet metal flat pattern is a representation of the flat product before a product is bend. Due to the deformation during the bending proces, the dimensions of the sheet metal flat pattern are not equal to the dimensions of the cross-section of the product. This is called bend loss. 

OutShape takes the bend loss into account when calculating your sheet metal flat pattern size. This is calculated based on your material type and the corresponding material thickness.

OutShape supports standard aluminium, stainless steel and steel as sheet material. We can also add additional sheet materials according to your wishes. You can also adjust the corresponding k-factor yourself.


OutShape makes it possible to make a sheet metal flat pattern without using a CAD drawing programme. This generally results in significant time savings.

A brief explanation on how to make a sheet metal flat pattern in OutShape can be found here.



Important to know

OutShape makes calculations based on theoretical information, we have tested this in practice. Although we have examined this very carefully and substantiated it, the theoretical value may differ from the practical value. So always carry out a number of practical checks before you fully start working with the OutShape sheet metal flat patterns.

No rights can be derived from the calculations in OutShape. Errors in the calculations are reserved.

Demo making a sheet metal flat pattern