Sheet unfolding in two minutes

Sheet unfolding without drawing

Creating sheet unfoldings or flat patterns without any knowledge of Cad drawing programs, OutShape makes it possible. By entering the parameters you can draw the desired profile, create the sheet unfolding and export a dxf in less than 2 minutes! 


Various materials

Whether you wish to make a flat pattern of Aluminium, Steel or INOX, OutShape has all the required knowledge. Simply by selecting the material and entering the related thickness, we will calculate the correct measurements for you.

Everyone can draw

By entering the correct measures and angles of the profile, you can draw the cross-section of the profile that you want to make a sheet unfolding of, in no time. An easy, visual way that works intuitively.


After configurating the profile of your choice, you can cut the desired intersection for the profile. This could be horizontal, vertical or both horizontal and vertical. A profile with double cuts will, as such, never again be a problem for you. By selecting the folding line and the associated desired length you determine the total length. OutShape will immediately show you the unfolded size, allowing you to cut straight pieces.


You can store any profile in your library, in order to be able to quickly retrieve it. But even more important, you provide your profile with a name and by a push of a button you can download the .dxf of the sheet unfolding. Would you like to have it again, but then in mirror image? The function makes mirroring really easy.