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Universal DXF files within minutes

When bending metal, there will be a change in the materials. For accurate flat patterns, OutShape is the perfect solution to process more drawings while saving valuable materials and money. Thanks to this, products can be offered for a better competitive price and the order time will decrease. Just fill in the details of your preferred result and our tool will convert this into a DXF file. To automate these processes, the software of OutShape is also perfect for API integrations.

Why OutShape

Easy to understand

By entering the correct dimensions and angles, you can easily draw the cross-section of the desired profile from which you want to make a plate design. A simple visual way that works intuitively. You export a DXF in less than 2 minutes!

Process more drawings

The speed and easiness of the sheet metal tool for flat patterns make it possible to process more drawings in the same time span. With this, the order time will decrease and products can be offered for a better competitive price.

Suitable for all materials

Whether you want to make a plate design from Aluminum, Steel or stainless steel, OutShape has all this knowledge in-house. Simply by selecting the material and entering the corresponding thickness, we calculate the right size for you.

Accurate flat patterns

Thanks to years of experience as mathematical engineers and developers of OutShape, we succeeded to develop one of the first sheet metal tools for accurate flat patterns.

Library for profiles

The built-in library of standard profiles gives you a range of possibilities to start from. You can also create your own profiles and save them in the library. This makes the process even faster and more efficiently!

Export universal DXF files

You can export each profile to a universal DXF file. This can be downloaded and forwarded to any DXF compatible software or machine.

Since 1995...

We are on a mission to simplify work preparation with clever solutions. By developing end-to-end software for the metal industry, we create the infrastructure to make your work preparation faster, simpler and more accurate. This saves valuable time and eliminates human errors. As a result, products can be offered for a better competitive price and the order time will decrease.

What others say

Outshape works great, it ensures that we have the flat patterns of our products in no time. This saves so much time and ensures that we can process more drawings.


Zetterij IJmond

Creating flat patterns is very easy with Outshape. The flat patterns are accurate and are frequently used for import into our machines. Complex shapes can thus be produced at any desired angle and no separate 3D program is required for this.



We are very happy with OutShape. With Compri, we also have another (very expensive) CAD software package, but we use OutShape for the metal bending to save time and money.



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For complex and simple profiles
Suitable for all materials thanks to the custom K-factor option
Export profile to any DXF compatible software or machine
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OutShape App

Mobile app for creating truncated cone flat patterns

Mobile app for quickly generating truncated cone flat patterns. This app can be found in Apple's Appstore and Google's Playstore!

Generate unlimited flat patterns of a truncated cone for a one-time small investment, and just on your phone. Always and everywhere!

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