Frequently asked questions

How can i report a problem?

If you are a customer of OutShape, you can create a ticket via the dashboard. We will process your ticket within 24 hours on weekdays.

How to create an account

Go to Login in the menu at the top right and choose the option to register as a new user. Each new user can use the functionalities of OutShape for free for 1 month.

How to create a free trial account

Create an account via the account page, the first month you can use OutShape for free. You do not have to enter payment details until you decide to take out a paid subscription. The test account is entirely free of obligation.

How is the bend allowance calculated in OutShape?

The bend allowance in OutShape is calculated according to the DIN6935.

In which file format do I receive my sheet unfoldings?

The files can be downloaded as a .dxf file.

What is the difference between OutShape and CAD software?

In OutShape you work with only parameters, this means that you can build up your profile by entering values. A CAD package offers many more possibilities when it comes to drawing. OutShape offers the possibility to produce sheet unfoldings very quickly and easily.

What exactly can I do with OutShape?

With OutShape you can make sheet unfolding dxf files quickly and easily.

What does OutShape cost?

A subscription to OutShape costs 38, - euro a month ex VAT.